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Lycra Fold-over Waistband Iyengar Yoga Shorts


What A Waist!

Designed and manufactured by GOPAKO especially for you. This fold-over waistband styling shorts with elastic cuffs and a diamond gusset for additional comfort is all you need for your workout and practice.

It is perfect for all activities just whenever you need it. Suitable for dancing, jogging, volleyball, hot yoga, pilates, Iyengar yoga and more.




  1. The folded-over waistband makes the shorts extra comfortable. It covers the tummy and keeps the shorts in place.
  2. Elastic cuffs on the thigh area keeps the shorts closer to your skin. You can now move freely without any worries, be it inversion or stretching your legs wide open.
  3. The key feature of this shorts is the diamond-shaped gusset at the crotch area  that allows freedom of movement and prevents any CT* moments.
    * Wonder what is a CT? It’s the Camel Toe that you would not like to have during your practice.

* Color may vary due to monitor setting.
* Model is wearing size M.

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Lycra & Knit Cotton