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Infinity Lyocell Buff® – Black


58cm long for up to two (2) loops around your neck, Infinity Lyocell BUFF® is available in plain, printed and jacquard (double-sided) designs. The plain and printed versions are seamless. The fabric is a natural fibre made from sustainably grown eucalyptus wood which is naturally anti bacterial.

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Infinity BUFF® can be worn in loops around the neck, with a layer pulled up over the head or mouth or tied at the waist as a mini sarong.

Technical Features

  • Infinity Lyocell BUFF® weighs 79g or 2.8 oz, measures 65 x 52cm or 25.6 inches x 20.5 inches and is made from 100% Lyocell, a smooth fibre that’s suitable for sensitive skins. Lyocell is naturally anti microbial so will smell fresher for longer.
  • BUFF® headwear will not lose its elasticity, is colour fast and will not fade. Machine washable and non iron.
  • Certified to meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100oeko-text

How to Wear