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Infinity Recycled Buff® – Military Olive


NEW Infinity BUFF® Recycled is fashionably long, has great sporty style and is incredibly versatile. Infinity Recycled Polyester is known for its length which marks a unique style, 75cm in diameter. This original tubular offers a wide range of possibilities, it is a headwear products made of Polyester fabric that is 100% recycled from plastic bottles.

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Available in plain and patterned versions, Infinity BUFF® 100% recycled polyester has been treated with silver ions which means that it will stay smelling fresher for longer as bacterial growth will be inhibited. It also offers excellent moisture management.

Infinity BUFF® can either be worn in a single, double or even a triple turn, as a scarf, sahariane, headband, hood or hood mask.

Technical Features

  • Made with 100% recycled polyester it measures 56cm x 75cm/22” x 29.5” and weighs 137g/4.8oz.
  • Available in one size, the seamless Infinity Recycled BUFF® fits most adults.
  • Infinity BUFF® is machine washable and non iron. It won’t lose its elasticity and being colour fast it won’t fade either.
  • Certified to meet Oeko-Tex® Standard 100oeko-text

How to Wear