My Humble Yoga Journey – Stop. Slow Down. Breathe.

I did not get in touch with my mat for the past week. Full the brim with guiltiness. *Grins*

It was my bad for procrastinated and did not prepare myself for my Japanese Language exam. Last minute revision is seriously a torture! Thank goodness that I’ve passed the exam with Grade A *ahem*. Notes to self, no more last minute study for my next semester. NO MORE!

While I was studying with droopy eyes and stuck brain, basically the whole revision session was blur-blank-study-for-the-sake-of-study, one of my yogi friends tagged me for Stop-Drop-Yoga. It was a perfect timing for me take a break. Yeah, I should stop for a while. No point forcing. Drop myself on the mat. And of course, let’s yoga! And I choose Warrior 3 and stretch with all my might. Mmm… 🙂

At times, we need to stop for a while. Go out to the park, cafeteria, pantry, even toilet just for a drop of pee. Do something. Talk to people. Crack some jokes perhaps. We must always remember to breathe and slow down. Inhale, exhale.

When I was younger, I ask my mom what will happen if we hold our gas. And her answer was, “Your face will turn green!”. I hope you are giggling if not laughing. Comes to think about this, it is theoretically true that we need to let go of what we have in ourselves. Let go of all hatred, stress, sadness, you name it. Else not only the face will turn green, our mind, body and health will be affected. True?

Well people, let it go and fart! Don’t-lah do it “secretly” unless you are 100% sure it does not smell.



My Humble Yoga Journey, Gopako.


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